About 5 Starts Auto Sales (FAQ)


Why you should be doing business with us?

  1. A) You are not dealing with salesman who’s seeking a commission after convincing you to buy something, no you’re dealing with business owners who wants to set a deal like we’re the one who’s buying it.
  2. B) We are top rated dealer in 2018-2019 CarGurus, CARFAX and Google.


Who is a customer in our eyes?

– It’s a family owned business who has a lot of principals to put our clients’ needs first, we buy your trust before you buy something from us, everyone is a customer and we deal with our clients as they’re our life friends and our dearest people.


You do payments/finance?

– unfortunately, we do not yet you are more than welcome to bring your own finance or make payments though a bank loan.


Can I come test drive a unit?

– again we put our clients’ needs in consideration and we treat you like the way we like to be treated, get a fair price and well listened to so no rush come check out our beautiful great/fair deals and test drive whichever unit you want.


Why do you have fair/great deals and your units are inexpensive?

– as we mentioned earlier the needs of our clients are our #2 priority, we don’t take advantage of you, we do fair/great deals as cash, feel free to ask for the CARFAX report to see the real retail price, all of our inventory worth a lot more ($1500-$2000+) than the real retail price

– All our deals they have CARFAX reports attached to them on the website feel free visiting our inventory here on our website.


If you sell something cheaper than the market does it mean that vehicles have issues?

– we buy our clients trust before they buy vehicles from us, we’ve seen clients do 5-6 deals with us and still repeatedly showing up looking for more units, as we mentioned earlier come check see the unit yourself, test it and see if it has any issues.


COVID-19 Update: Yes, we are open. We are monitoring the virus outbreak and will take proactive steps as necessary to protect everyone’s health and provide a safe and healthy work environment. We are now offering local home delivery. You can choose to complete the car-buying experience from home and have the vehicle delivered to you and complete the paperwork wherever you are. For any questions about hours, new services, location, or inventory give us a call at